Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 66--Larry and the police

Hey everybody!! It's been a pretty sick week, and by sick I mean my companion and I were down with something mean, but we're good now!

   We came home one day and there were some cops and an ambulance parked outside our apartment so we were pretty confused. Turns out someone next door partied a little too hard.

Once again we fought hard at monopoly and I have a pretty good advantage right now in our game. Elder Sundberg has no chance (I know you're reading this, you have no chance.)

We found a tarantula in our shower.....

Just kidding in a member's yard, so we popped him in a jar, and he responds to the name Larry.

   As for teaching, we've had some really good experiences this week. We brought an inactive member to an investigator lesson with us, which was a huge step for him I believe. It was a really good lesson, we taught about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Usually people out here have a strong faith or at least a belief in Jesus, so when we teach someone who has not subscribed wholly to the belief, we really need to adapt.

   We had an exchange and we knocked on the door of an older couple and they let us in to talk to them. Eventually I brought up family history and they loved it, but they did not accept to learn it from us, nor to learn the message of the restoration. I do really appreciate the people here, though, for their hospitality and love for their fellow-men.

   We had some more rewarding experiences with tracting, and found 4 new potentials that allowed us to return, and a few new investigators. It's amazing how much work gets done when members are involved in your finding. Even if it's tracting, take them along. We've done that, and it turns out they know the people we find. Instant fellowshipper.

   I testify that the work of salvation is a real work, and we can be obedient to the Lord's laws and participate, or we can miss out on the wonderful blessings of seeing His children enter the Gospel path. We can also help with the work of salvation by taking names to the temple, it is the same great salvific work. Pray about it, and see what little act of faith God is inspiring you do take now.

P.S. I have my serious face on, so you know I'm serious. E-mail my companion. He would love to talk to everyone: .... I'm not even kidding around.

Love you all!

Elder Rodgers

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