Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 81--The work moves forward!

Hello, friends!

Ava is a place where a lot of amazing people live with some very interesting people thrown in to keep things, well, interesting.

We had someone called us one day saying that they were in danger, they were crying and making it up to be something terrible, well as it turns out they really just needed to find a place to move because they were living with a crazy cousin who was apparently scamming them. Very interesting. She also grew attached to my companion because they both have similar Scottish roots.

At Zone Conference. That is one bright yellow tie!

We went on exchanges with the District Leader and his companion and that was great. I believe 7 Book of Mormons were placed and 3 new investigators were found, which is good compared to the past success of missionaries there. We were pretty happy about that.

Back in our area, we were able to go see a couple that lives in the home of members who moved out a while back. They were very open and receptive, and are investigating now. The husband said he believes all the things we taught so far and he looks forward to hearing what we have to say next time.

Love, Elder Rodgers
Route 6 Box 6470 Apt 15
Ava, MO 65608

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week 80--Surprise contacts

Hello, everyone! 

We were able to go on exchanges with one of the missionaries fresh out of the MTC, Elder Swenson. He's a pretty solid missionary, and so is his companion Elder Brookhart. We had some good things happen because of that.

One of those things was an older couple:

I decided we should go out into the boonies and find a person on the ward roster we don't know. I picked one and we headed out on about a 25 minute drive. When we got there I knocked on the door and one of the people inside waved me into their home. We came in and I assumed they were the members we were looking for, but apparently those people moved to Oregon. These people aren't members. We sat down and talked with them and had a really good time talking about the scriptures and the gospel. They said that we can come back any time, so we will come back and teach them about the restoration!

Serious faces 

Also, one of our investigators is doing quite well. President Loveland says there is always a baptism in the Area Book, in other words, there is always someone who can be taught who is ready for the gospel if you look through your records of people who used to meet with missionaries.

Anyways, like I said she is doing well and we started helping her to quit smoking, and she's excited to do that. She's also been reading the Book of Mormon. I'm so glad she's accepting these things into her life and that she's trying to become happier. 

Love Elder Rodgers

Week 79--Feelin' at home in Ava

This week we have been asked to work mainly with the members of the ward by cutting out tracting and building their faith instead. We're doing this as much as we can outside of dinner appointments, and I've seen some really cool things come from it.

As a result we don't have very many investigator, since working so closely with members takes longer. This is more effective than our own efforts though they may bring quicker results in finding people to teach on our own.

On Thursday and Saturday we did a lot of service projects, about 7 hours worth, closer to 10 with travel time. since out area is huge!

Elder Andrus had his last distrcit meeting today, which is super weird!


I am staying in Ava with Elder Ostler. This is my fifth transer in Ava (which will add up to 7 1/2 months) and my third transfer with Elder Ostler (4 1/2 months). Elder Ostler is the one of the right in the picture.

I'm so glad the Lord is keeping me here with this ward where I feel trusted. I'm excited to find out why he still needs us here! 

God doesn't make mistakes.

Love, Elder Rodgers

Week 78--Happy solar eclipse day!

We've had a couple exchanges with Elders in the district and district meeting was pretty sweet too. We talked about our purpose when we street contact, tract, visit with members, and participate in ward council. We had a good time role playing how we would street contact, and I think everyone got something good out of it.

While on the exchange we had some cool things happen:

1. Elder Horman and I Found a lady who is really interested in family history, who lives next door to some members of the ward. It was cool because she was talking about how she has family ties to Canada, which I thought was pretty sweet!

2. We visited a Less-Active family's home, and the mother there didn't want to talk to us. Her son-in-law however came out and talked to us, we got him the gospel library on his phone so he could listen to the Book of Mormon, because he's dyslexic.

3. Elder Ostler and Elder Andrus were at a park and they overheard a group of people talking about them saying, "them Mormons have their own bible." and Elder Ostler yelled out, "No we don't!" and hopped over the fence and ran over to them and they started a conversation, then Elder Horman and I joined in later. We talked for a while with them, and they all agreed to talk more with the missionaries there. 

Oh, and there was also a solar eclipse! 

Love to you all!
Elder Rodgers