Saturday, January 20, 2018

Week 98--Support from members and SNOW!

Hi, everybody!

This week not a whole lot has happened with our investigators. One, many of them haven't taken time to open up  their schedule, and two, some of them haven't been keeping very many commitments lately, and we will need to stop seeing several of them. We will be focusing our finding efforts through the members of the ward as opposed to just our own efforts, which we feel has been the case the last transfer.

This was taken by a man we knocked the door of, and we asked him to take this picture for us. Little did we know that he would bash us hard. 
It's funny to see how clueless we are in this picture, of what would come next

Sarah - We stopped in and saw Sarah this week, we asked her how her Book of Mormon reading is going and she read all the way from 1 Nephi 5 to the end of 2 Nephi!

Katie - We followed up on last week's Restoration lesson, and she enjoyed it, is still pondering on it she says, and so we read the Book of Mormon with her. She wasn't yet comfortable with reading it out loud with us, but she said she liked it all. Next step, keep promising and testifying, keep following up, and keep praying that she will have a desire to read and to pray.

Trinity - Her brother wasn't there when we came at first so we mainly talked with her this week, she's been doing her reading and praying, and notices a change within herself. What a blessing.

We had some people who are without a place to stay for the time being, get on their feet a little. Although we can't give them temporal help and especially not money, we have talked with them about going the right direction, and have referred them to our Bishop to see if there was anything in the area they could turn to for stability and work.

I have never seen a ward as supportive as this one, and we work well with them. I can feel their approval and the LORD's approval as we remember the things that he's guided us to do, and as we're united therein. 

Other exciting news, it snowed enough to actually be called snow here finally. It's nice to see all that snow outside, it feel so refreshing.

Love from Elder Rodgers

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week 97--This is the place to be

Hello, everyone, this is what we have going on this week:

Naomi - We read the Book of Mormon with her instead of moving on. She realized how true it was and that it teaches the same gospel. It was sweet!

Sarah - We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, Baptism, Enduring to the End) And about she doesn't need to look anywhere else because the fullness of the gospel was restored.

Mohammed - A new investigator who is so grateful he met us. The moment we met him without even speaking, he let us right in. He's very humble and hospitable.

Daniel - Also a new investigator, he is Mexican and very humble, and when he came to church this Sunday he bore his testimony on how he feels like this is the place to be.

Katie - The friend of a member who we started teaching. She enjoyed the lesson of the restoration and we're coming back to teach her more.

Becky Marks - Becky is adjusting well into the church and the members.  We've been teaching her the new member lessons and preparing her for the temple.

A lot more is happening, but time is short.

Love to you all.
Elder Rodgers

After dinner at Kelleher's
Elder Rodgers and his companions
Elder Rogers, Elder McClellan
and some of the Kelleher family.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Week 96--2018 off to a good start!

Becky was baptized on Friday and she was confirmed a member of the church and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. She just glows, she was happy before, but you can tell she feels even better since her baptism. Here's her pre-baptism. She didn't want a post-baptism picture because she though her hair would look bad.

Sarah has felt the spirit confirm the things we have taught to her especially with the Plan of Salvation, but she does not yet see well, though we've taught it, why this church is more than any other church.

Cory and Tabitha are boyfriend and girlfriend. They both know members of the church who they respect dearly. Because of this, they are more open to allowing us to share with them our message. They accepted a Book of Mormon, and asked us when we will be coming back. We met them because when we were visiting a less-active member, his dog came out and barked and growled at us so Cory came out to get his dog. We asked if we could come by some time and he said yes, so we came back. And that's when we talked in more detail about who we are and why we're here.

Justice and Coby are brothers. We were going to see a potential investigator and he wasn't home, but we saw someone as we were doing a U-Turn, peeking is head out of his house and was staring at us. So, we got out and talked to him and his brother. They don't have a heavy background in religion, but they knew it was something worth looking into.

Tabitha, about a month ago we had talked to Tabitha on the way to an appointment we were biking to. We had a nice discussion with her and left her more information.

Naomi is having doubts on keeping her date for baptism, she is having trouble remembering the answers she's received.

Kiele is wanting to do family history work but is deciding when she could go to the temple if her kids need to be watched. We're going to start teaching her daughter the lessons.

Trinity and Donovan are brother and sister. We spent time with them and their friends who are less-active, and as of late, Trinity and Donovan decided they wanted to start learning more of the gospel with us. They aren't members yet, and they haven't decided towards baptism, but at least learning.

Ed and Tahsa are a married couple who are less-active in our ward. Tasha comes more often. We lately have been talking with them and have started coming to their home and reading the Book of Mormon with them.

Daniel is a homeless man, however he now has a job and is doing better, but his wife is in the hospital and it's very hard for him. We were able to get him some things to keep him warm, and started meeting with him to teach the lessons.

Joeille is another lady who is at the shelter where we talked with Daniel. She has the same last name as my companion, Elder McClellan. She loved church, she's coming back next week, she said she likes it better than any other church she's been to.

Katie is the friend of a less-active member we know who doesn't come because he works a lot. We several weeks ago had given her a Book of Mormon, and last night we invited her to take the lessons with her friend who is a member. She said she would enjoy that, so we set a time to come back.

That's where we're at right now, Hopefully some more development next week. We're grateful for what we do have.

Love from Elder Rodgers

Week 95--Christmas!

On Christmas Day, instead of a blog post, we got to visit with Elder Rodgers on Skypee! It was so wonderful to see him and how great and happy he looks.

He loves the people there and working and serving in Joplin. His companions are great. He loves noticing the differences between there and home and he has always hoped to sound like a local to the area before he comes home. One person at a dinner appointment told him she couldn't tell from his speech that he's Canadian. He was pretty excited about that!

He only has a few more weeks! You can email him at He would love to hear from you!