Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week 61--Family History anyone?

 We went to do some service in a place pretty far out, where we've been spending some good service hours doing labour with the people there. It's been really good for them, and I think I'm getting stronger from it. We also went out with the zone leaders to work our area. We tried doing family history tracting, and a couple people accepted a card for it, but not a whole lot were interested. It was really good though, because I was able to improve my skills of talking with people. I hadn't tracted in a while.
   Wednesday was district meeting and we talked about how to use inspired questions to teach for understanding. It's really important to know how to ask good questions. A bad question can throw a teaching situation off and the spirit will be gone. I'm learning how to use this in my teaching constantly.
   We went back out to the place we did service earlier in the week, and this time we committed one of the guys there to read the Book of Mormon, and he committed to come to church with us for Easter Sunday. Find when you serve!
   We visited with an investigator and read the Book of Mormon with him, 1 Nephi Chapter 1. It was a great experience as he was so eager to read it with us. I love seeing those who truly want to read the word of God, even when they may not know or have a testimony of it. 
   The rest of the week was mostly spent in service, which was great! 
   Sunday was particularly wonderful, as it was the day that marked the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We should all take the time to think about what this truly means, and why we celebrate it. "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me." It truly is individual but collective. Let us ever be grateful for all he did for us, and all that he continues to do for us.
I love you all!

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