Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week 59--General Conference was a blast!

    It's been a pretty great week, On Monday we found another person willing to learn about the gospel. He's studied all kinds of religions, and all that was left was ours. He doesn't really have a belief system, but that's okay! The gospel is for everyone. He also makes guitars out of cigar boxes and a wood plank, and he jams hardcore, and has been for almost 40 years. He and I played some guitar together and that was great, then we taught the restoration. 

Looks like Elder Sundberg is ready for a nap! 

   We've still been teaching quite a few kids, and it's different, but I'm starting to like it. Kids, though rambunctious, are humble, and teachable. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation lesson, and the kids were getting rowdy and they were losing focus, so Elder Sundberg told them to draw a sea turtle. I was super confused, but then he said, "and this is how you spell it: C-e-T-e-r-T-e-l. He then explained to them the Degrees of Glory using the Sea Turtles they drew. Pretty interesting.

   General Conference weekend was a blast! For those who don't know, General Conference is an event, in which the leaders of the church give sermons on different topics. It was amazing, and sometimes I think it gets better every single time.  

Here are a couple of my favourite ones:

President Uchtdorf, Sunday Morning:
Weatherford T. Clayton Saturday Morning (also because he was my last mission president):

See y'all next week!

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