Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week 57--Smile, You Are On Vido

When I got a call on Tuesday saying I'd be transferred to Ava, Missouri with Elder Sundberg, I wasn't surprised. I felt like my time was up in Fayetteville. The last time I was in Missouri was last summer, and now I'm back!

It's been weird adjusting to this new territory and getting used to the members. My last ward was Fayetteville, and most members were young couples. Most of the members here are of the more seasoned variety.

We went knocking to find some people to teach, as all the people who were being taught were baptized recently. I saw a bunch of people sitting outside their home so we went up and talked to them, and I introduced Elder Sundberg and myself, as missionaries, and they replied, "What's a missionary?" I told them it's someone who preaches the gospel. They then asked, "What's the gospel?" I realized they were being facetious. They claimed to not be religious at all, and they were not interested. The next house we went to and a funny looking guy answered the door and asked, "Are you selling the Kerby House Cleaner?" to which I replied, "No, we bring something a little more powerful than a vacuum," but he wasn't interested either.

I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting my first Sunday, and that was fun. I spoke about following the example of the Saviour in service.

Well, it's been a neat week so far, and I look forward to having a whole lot more to talk about.

Thanks for being awesome y'all!
Love from Elder Rodgers

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