Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 56--Off to new adventures in Ava, MO

We have met a lot of new potential investigators and investigators this week, like 12+. It's been a grind week. I didn't know whether I'd be staying or going, so we had several opportunities to tract. One thing about Arkansas, is when there's the slightest amount of snow, things just shut down. SO, everyone was in their homes and we tracted into so many people and got several return appointments. 

Some of the people we've met have continued to take the lessons which has been amazing, especially as we've seen the change that came as they grow in Hope. What comes to mind is a particular man who we did not think of as a potential investigator, who because we have chosen to look beyond our the obvious, God has proven him to be one of the elect. There's a scripture that came to mind as we were planning to teach a family, particularly how we could help build their faith in finding the elect of God, those who would receive the gospel willingly, and this scripture came to my mind.

1 Samuel 16:7 - This is the story of when the Lord led Samuel to a man named Jesse to find the new king out of all his sons. He met with about 10 of Jesse's sons, and the Lord chose none of them. Samuel asked, "Are here all thy Children?" to which Jesse told him there was yet one more son, tending to the sheep who was ruddy, and not very good looking, definitely not the Kingly type. When Samuel saw him, however, the Lord said, "arise, anoint him, for this is he." Thus in verse 7 is a great reminder to members, that those who they don't currently see as potential investigators may be the elect, and as we strive to see them as God sees them, and pray for the spiritual eyes necessary to discern this, God will tell you who is ready to receive this hope of the Gospel.

Another principle of this scripture is how many times Samuel had to try to find God's chosen, before he truly accomplished this task. He met with 10 of Jesse's sons before the one was known! We too, as we strive to find God's chosen, will invite many times and many will decline. Including Heavenly Father in this process will give us the hope to keep pressing forward as he will show us many miracles.

I testify this is true :)

SO, I'm getting transferred to Ava, Missouri and my companion will be Elder Sundberg. I'm pretty excited, but I will dearly miss Fayetteville. So many memories, such great members and leaders too, not to mention all the people we've been teaching.

With love,
Elder Rodgers

At Stake Conference with Elder Stevens and Jessie, a new member we taught.

Service work in Nalley

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