Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 55--Lots of work to do

Greetings, everyone!

So on Sunday I had talked to someone who was about to get into their car, and quickly invited him to meet with us. Tuesday was the day we had a lesson with him on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Very good lesson, and it was especially encouraging to me, because I didn't expect to have a great lesson with someone I randomly went up to, but you never know who God will place in your path, you simply have to talk to everyone, lifting your voice as with the sound of a trump.

We had some lessons the next day also with people we had found with our own efforts. One in particular was interesting. Anyone who has served a mission knows that, more often than not, when we get to the account of the first vision, something goes wrong, trying to keep us from teaching that. Probably because of its significance in knowing the truth of this restored gospel. Well this time that's just what happened. Right as we began the Joseph Smith story, a man who also lives there, who was probably drunk, started making loud noises, then he came downstairs and became a huge distraction. Obviously this wasn't a coincidence, and neither was it a coincidence when a random guy knocked on the door and asked for the guy who distracted from the lesson to give him a ride to the store. God is better at persuasion than Satan. They didn't return until right after the lesson finished. I know that was God's hand. We finished the lesson with a strong spirit in the home, and he committed to "experiment upon the word."

We met some more people this week who are also very ready for the Gospel, and I won't explain every story, but there was one guy we met and he had so many good questions, totally willing to learn by the spirit, and the answers were definitely led by the spirit. It was amazing and I really felt like we were answering questions that were important to him. Most people ask questions but don't want to hear the answers. Every time we answered one of his questions, he'd say "Thanks You."

Lastly, this was Stake Conference weekend, and we got to hear from Elder Torres of the Seventy. He's a very good speaker, because he realizes his teaching will have no importance if it's from him, so he teaches by the spirit well. He addressed topics that were significant for the stake at this time. He invited my companion and me to the front and asked us to stand on either side of him and march in place. He said sometimes we do this as leaders and members, is we march in place, not accomplishing a whole lot even when we are busy. Then, he asked us to march to our seats, and invited the stake to instead be marching forward.

Elder Stevens and I, under Sister Loveland's direction, taking safety precautions during the tornado warning. We have warnings, no funnels though yet since I've been out, and yes they have the missionaries have a helmet, extra food, shoes, water bottle, flashlight, jacket, and other such things nearby.

Picture of me biking on Hendrix Drive. :)

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