Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 52--Progress in the Land

Dear friends and family,

Monday was our P-Day, nothing too special, but we did have Breakfast for Dinner, one of my favourites, and we met with Bishop to discuss the missionary work and our focuses for this transfer. Without going into a huge amount of detail, when a Bishop seeks revelation for his ward, he receives it. We followed the things he asked us to focus on,we have seen the Lord's hand in fulfilling those responsibilities. The timing is perfect, and when those people were on his mind and he asked us to work in those ways with them, it was exactly what needed to happen in those moments.

Elder Stevens and Elder Rodgers

I had a fun little experience with prayer when we went to have a lesson with someone, and I was praying super hard wanting to have that lesson, so I asked over and over that we would find him at home. We got there, and he wasn't home. Although, there was a man there who helps them do work on their home, and he talked to us for a while, and eventually the guy we went to talk to originally, did come home since we were there for a good 15 minutes. We set a time to come back the next day with him. We did come back, and taught a very good lesson with him on the restoration of the Gospel. 

We had a lesson with one of the investigators here, and she told us that when she had a bad toothache, she had a dream that we were going to come by and pray for her. Well before we knew this, we asked her if we could come by and give here a blessing, and she said yes. We came by and did so. She told us about that dream, telling us that in it, she felt good after us praying for her. We then gave her the blessing, and when we finished the blessing she said it was exactly what she expected and experienced in her dream. Anyways, we came back the next day and she said it still felt great, and the next week again, but she said the dentist had to pull them, because they weren't looking so good. We taught a great lesson there anyways, and though she is a new investigator, she feels the desire to be baptized and experience the blessing of the atonement and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The rest of the update would be that things are rolling along. People are accepting baptism and committing to dates, and they are seeing major progress in their lives as they adhere to the gospel. It truly is a gospel of healing.

Elder Rodgers

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