Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 53--Progression

This was a great week for lessons. There are many investigators working towards the blessings of baptism and I'm excited for them. We've had many lessons this week with those people. We've been helping them prepare, helping them understand and gain a stronger conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because that's what it is all centered around.

I've met some unique characters this week, and we've had many faith-building experiences this week. The members of this ward are doing so well, and I love it in Fayetteville. I hope I don't leave until the end of my mission, but I know that's not going to happen. The Lord has other places for me to go, and people I need to see.

Sunday was great because even though only three of our investigators came to sacrament meeting, we got to see several recent converts there, and some people who haven't been in a long time for one reason or another too. It was great, and it was Ward Conference based on the scripture. Moroni 9:25, "May Christ lift thee up."

We started sharing the car for half of the week with the sister missionaries in our ward, and that meant biking for us Thursday through Saturday. It was interesting. When we were biking to an appointment, out of nowhere, an opossum ran in front of me, played dead right in front of my tire, and I drove right over it, and Elder Stevenes thought it was going to burst in half but apparently it just got back up and kept walking. Those things are big and weird. 

Well, it's been a blessed week, I hope you all have a great week also.

Elder Rodgers

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