Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 49--Transfers

Wednesday was a pretty big day for all missionaries serving worldwide. They changed a lot about the schedule and about how we report our missionary work. These changes are mostly in the order of our morning schedule and P-Day schedule. We no longer have a set schedule. Instead, we will be agents to ourselves and decide based on our needs and wants, our own schedule, still using the necessary things, such as , exercise, personal study, and daily planning which changed from night to morning. Preparation day now starts two hours earlier. These changes make a huge difference, and I'm so excited.

We've been planning for an teaching the recent converts and some returning members about the temple and for those whom it applies to, receiving the priesthood. Soon we're going to have about five people prepare for going to the temple  and we'll be able to go with them for their first time there. It's really exciting and I'm so proud of their progress.

People are progressing here, we are finding more people, and we are seeing lots of success. Elder Henderson is being transferred out to be assistant, and the previous assistant Elder Stevens is switching places with him to be my next companion. I am gonna be whipped into shape haha.

Well, just know that things are going very well, and I'm excited to see things blow up here in Fayetteville, the promised land. Have a great week.

Elder Rodgers

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