Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 48--Pretty sick week

So on Tuesday we did the most tracting I've done in about 3 months, although it was only like 12 doors, tops. Towards the start of the day, because we were early for an appointments, we thought we'd knock on a few doors. We actually didn't end up doing so, because someone was outside. We talked to them, but they were a little agitated at the moment, so we just asked if there would be a better time we could come by and share our message. We decided on Friday. Afterwards we were about to knock on doors, but a lady hollered at us from a ways away, asking us to come over to her. She asked us some deep questions, and we answered them for her. We also offered a Book of Mormon but she didn't accept it at that time. We set a return appointment for Friday as well. 

We knocked on some doors in the evening and set a return appointment for Thursday with them.

Wednesday we had interviews with or Mission President along with District Meeting with a focus on seizing the moment with member missionary work. Afterwards we had a lesson then dinner, and President called and asked to go on splits with us, so Elder Henderson went with his son, and I went with him. We went looking for someone who was referred to us but couldn't find them, but we knocked on one of the doors in the apartments and taught the Restoration to the person living there. Later we went and retaught the Restoration to Jacky, after his baptism, and since our Mission President speaks French, he was able to teach the lesson so Jacky could understand.

On Thursday we had a lesson with one of the ones we tracted into. We tried teaching the best way we could, but all they wanted to do was bash with us. The whole time I thought of many scriptures that could prove what they were saying wasn't right but I kept thinking to myself, how important would it be to prove them wrong if it in't strengthening their faith in Christ? Instead we simply took every moment we could to bear testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and what he's done for us. As long as we tried our hardest to speak peaceably despite the differences we had, the spirit could be there, and that's exactly what I told them. It was interesting to see how much people try to throw the philosophies of men into the scriptures. It just doesn't work together.

I came down with a cold of some kind at the end of the week, could also be a flu-like bug that had been building slowly all week. I was grinding along Friday despite the symptoms, but Saturday morning my companion told me I was staying in, and it was probably a wise call to make since it got pretty bad that day. I stayed in all of that day, I was given a blessing, and on Sunday I felt well enough to go to church, so that was a relief. We visited quite a few people as well after church, and I now feel a whole lot better. 

It's been an interesting week, and the weeks are going by so fast lately it's hard to keep up. Have a great week :)

Elder Rodgers

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