Friday, November 18, 2016


Dear Friends and Family,

On Monday we had an exchange, so I was with Elder Christensen, our district leader at the time. We went tracting in the rain and met a guy on his porch. We went up to him and started talking and he said "you guys stick out like a sore thumb." I told him he was right and I asked him what church he belonged to. He told us that he is an Independent Baptist. We ended up having a conversation about the nature of God, and eventually he asked if we are polygamists. I explained to him why people used to practice polygamy--because God had commanded certain individuals in the past, but not anyone else. He questioned this and said a commandment is a commandment no matter what, to which I replied, "in the old testament we learn the commandment, do not kill, but we also know that in the old testament the children of Israel were commanded to burn down idolatrous villages and to kill." He mumbled for a little bit and then he said "You're right" and gave me a high five. I was a little confused, but the gist of the story is that we grew on each other and he gave me his digits so I could call him some time.

On Thursday I got into my new area, Fayetteville, Arkansas -- home of the Razorbacks. This area has a lot of missionary work happening, especially because the Bishop here works hard at getting to know the investigators right away and he does a good job of involving them especially with members. I've met a lot of people in the last four days, and it's awesome. We're not doing as much of the finding as we are the teaching, which has its pros and cons. I kind of miss the rush of tracting all day and not knowing who will be on the other side of the door. We still have time to do some tracting, but not a whole lot like in my last area.

It's been fun, and we get the car full time, which is nice. I'll try to take more pictures. Oh, and we live with members and they have a really cute dog. That's pretty fun. Anyways, have a good week.

Elder Rodgers

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