Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 37--Goodbye, Broken Arrow. On to Fayetteville!

Elder McEntire with Elder Rodgers outside the Oklahoma City Temple.

So serious

So silly

Sitting in front, left of the photographer, with a red tie. 
Looking pretty serious again.

Dear family and friends,

So Halloween was a bust as far as missionary work goes, but we stayed busy. The day after that, when we were at home, I heard Elder McEntire yell. I went into the room and there was a huge red hornet that landed on his back and when he went inside and did something, it stung him right on his bicep. That was a fun one.

Wednesday was our temple trip. We went to the Oklahoma City temple and that was a blast. I got to do some initiatories for another missionary's family names and also an endowment. Elder McEntire has an ancestor named Hilarius Wild, I'm not even kidding. Something cool about the temple trip, was that this time I had all 4 companions from this mission in one place, that was a ton of fun!

Saturday was a special day, we went to a dinner with a member couple, and it was great, got to know them, all that good stuff, and the husband was pretty big into playing blues guitar, and he showed us how to play 12 Bar Texas Blues, and he recorded a video of me doing it. It's pretty fun. 

Sunday we followed up with someone about family history. They were no longer interested, so they gave us back the pamphlet we gave them. Then, we went next door and offered them family history and gave them the pamphlet. If someone's not interested, doesn't mean someone else won't be, so they got to keep the pamphlet the other person didn't want.

I found out I'd be transferred to Fayetteville, Arkansas. The sisters in Broken Arrow are going to take over our area as well, so we're shotgunning out, and going to new areas. We introduced them to some of our investigators and had a good meal with the Ward mission Leader. Now we get to pack. Yay! This is the third time in a row I am with my companion for only one transfer, but that's okay. I've heard my new companion, Elder Henderson is pretty cool.

Elder Rodgers

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