Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 36--Trunky Treat!

Family and Friends,

Tuesday was a cool day, I got to go on an exchange with another Elder in his area, so we ended up tracting because all our plans fell through (thus is an exchange) and we actually found like 5 or more people to potentially teach, and that was great. We also did the whole jelly belly bean-boozled thing. Basically there's a pack of Jelly Bellys and each colour of bean has either a really gross or a really good flavour (for example: moldy cheese or peach). That was gross, but I got a video that I can send.

Wednesday we went to the Trunk or Treat (or in a missionaries' case it might be trunky treat). It was a blast. We put up a portable visitors center -- a display that shows Christ and the Book of Mormon and temples. We also handed out candy, and we sang some hymns, and I played Guitar as the other missionaries sang I Am A Child Of God. It was awesome.

Friday was a full day. We had nothing scheduled until the night before, so we just set time to go tracting and try visiting some of our investigators quickly. The first door we knocked was a great one. He was very receptive to the things we had to say, and he realized the importance of a prophet.  We then visited with two of our investigators and had a good time with them and with Elder Olsen, a senior missionary who is about to leave for home.

 In an attempt to fellowship some people that a family in the ward planned to bring, we went to a Broken Arrow High School football game. It was a good game, and the team was at 17- 0 as we left (it was our bed-time).Their marching band is #1 in the nation, and I would even venture to say in the world based on how few good marching bands there are outside of the US. They were amazing, and we had an interesting experience there. A lady sitting behind us recognized that we are missionaries and told us that her children know someone who also is for our church, so that was rather interesting.

We had a very uplifting Stake Conference, and I realized how different of an experience church meetings are when you want to listen. I get so much out of it as my perspective to the Gospel has changed.

Elder Rodgers

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