Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 25--Service and spiders

Hello friends and family!

I had a great week.

We helped a member with her overgrown yard. We did a lot of mowing and such, but some parts were too high and thick to mow, so we used weed-whackers and stuff. There's a picture of that. We spent about 3 and a half hours there with the help of Mark, our recent convert. It was a hoot. Super humid and warm though on that Friday. We saw a lot of critters. Big wolf spiders, praying mantis, and also I got a picture of a spider I had never seen before. That took so long, but I'm glad she had a rider, not just push mowers.

We met a lady in the ward on Saturday who hasn't been to church in a long time and who has moved in recently. She gave us a call out of the blue saying she wanted to get to church. We visited her the next week and had quite an experience there. Her non-member room-mate who she takes care of was really interested in receiving a Book of Mormon and learning more.

Sunday was Elder Hewlett's birthday. Because it was his birthday we shot confetti poppers into the air and made a big mess. it was fun. He got so much money from different people, so he's practically rich (not actually). 

We made a lot of visits to a select few investigators, so we're fixing to find more people to teach. Prayers always help!

With love from Elder Rodgers

**He did send other pictures, from a zone meeting and showing him working hard cutting grass about 150% his height, but having problems loading them.--Mom

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