Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 24--Mark's Baptism!

So, this week has been a pretty busy one. We started teaching a guy who we've met before with one of the members, but wasn't really interested in learning at the time. We got a text randomly saying that he wanted a Book Of Mormon and wanted to meet with us to learn what we have to teach. We've met with him pretty frequently, and he's really understanding what we have been teaching him. 

Then, there's a cool dude who we've been teaching and he really gets it. He's the friend of a returned missionary in the ward, and she brought him to church, so that's been pretty good.

On Saturday Mark was baptized! All the discussions and support has in part payed off. He still has many more things to do, but he has at least made it through "the gate". He's really happy about his decision and afterwards said "I feel so light". This was my first time baptizing someone, and it was an interesting and rewarding experience to be part of.

The day after he was confirmed, and the gift of the Holy Ghost was given to him and the blessing that was given to him was very profound. Later we helped him can tomatoes. What a week!

Elder Rodgers

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