Thursday, June 16, 2016

Week 17--What to do when invited to "Bible bash"

We had a lot to do today, with Zone conference coming up and also doing some unexpected service on our P-Day lol. We then had to wash and wax and vacuum the car for the guy who'd be inspecting it. Then, we went to the church to see if the internet worked yet. Good news is, it did. Bad news, only one of them would turn on. I had about an hour to do all the e-mailing, and that time goes very fast. We also got haircuts today. I realized today that I lost my Tiwi card, a card that lets me use our car, so until I get a new one, Elder Czirr will be doing all the driving. At the end of the night we had some games and I ate a lot of cheese nips.

At L-Life I wore normal clothes this time. We visited a less-active member of the ward after lunch, but we didn't have very much time. It wasn't a horrible thing though, because we're supposed to have short lessons, and people out here like to talk. There is an investigator of ours whom we visited, and it was a miracle that he was home. We have tried so many times at different times of the day and he's hardly there. Well, we were in the area and Elder Czirr felt like we should see if he's home. I was thinking it was pointless to check, but since we were nearby I was okay with it. We went over and he was home! I know, typical mission story, but it was a gooder. We then had a great dinner with a family in the ward. They cooked us burgers and twice-baked potatoes. So good! We then got to meeting with another one of our investigators who is progressing well at this point. He had questions about the Book Of Mormon which we answered using the first few pages of the Book, which he thought was funny. He wanted an answer and literally he just had to start at the beginning of the book.

Today was Zone Conference. One of the things we talked about was how we've recorded numbers in the mission, and that we were the only mission who did it this way, so we changed it. Now in our area of Lebanon, it's harder to hit those number goals, but that's okay because the only reason they're there is to help us to do better. At zones, we discussed a lot of different ways we could improve our door approach when tracting. There were a lot of great ideas, and I especially liked the thought of reading them a scripture about Christ, then later revealing that it was from the Book of Mormon. People out here have a lot of negative feelings about the book, but that softens their hearts to it when they discover it isn't a from a cult, but talks about the Saviour. We later had a lunch at Arby's with senior missionaries in our zone, and they're a lot of fun. After the meeting and lunch, we met with an new investigator, and him and his friends were playing basketball, so we joined them in our shirts and ties, and had a really good game. After that he's invited us to come over more often.

First thing in the morning we visited a less-active member. I had shared a passage of scripture I had recently read, and saw an interesting perspective on it. It's when the Lamanites were converted and of this conversion it said, they did no longer fight against their god, or against their fellow men (or something like that). It made me think that to be converted, it means we completely align ourselves with God's will and also to serve others and be kind to those around us.  After a lot of planning, we tracted a little and then ate some delicious shake n bake at a member's home. After meeting with him we visited an investigator who said he wanted to go to church. We talked to him for a while about that then went home.

In the morning we visited a man in the ward whom we meet regularly. We had much more time than usual because we could show up on time. We later went by to take a priest to a lesson, but the lesson fell through.  We  then visited the people we visit in the jail and visited that investigator who is hardly home, because we managed to set up a time with him. We did some tracting today and found a couple people who were decently interested. We are going to come back soon. We also met a man whom we got into a little bit of a bible bash with. Eventually I realized it was pointless to argue points of doctrine, so I bore testimony to him of the Saviour, in hopes of bringing back the spirit, then we had to go, so we left.

We returned this morning to continue digging a pit that we started a while back, but it will still take a while longer, contrary to prior belief. We were there for a couple hours, and afterwards we visited an investigator, who told us his wife didn't want us coming around anymore, which was sad, but we hope she'll come around.  After a lot of tracting and attempted visits, all we could do was take a priest from our ward to visit an investigator of ours. That's what we did, and we had taught the Word Of Wisdom. The lesson was well received and he committed to live it. Then, we dropped by the investigator who needed a ride to church, and explained we'd bring someone by who'd take him.

We went first to the home of the members who'd give the ride to our investigator. Then, we went to the house, and they brought him to the church. In Sacrament, the three talks were on the three different beings in the Godhead. Our Father in Heaven, Christ, and the Holy Ghost. In Gospel principles we talked about the Abrahamic covenant and how it applies to us as members of the church. The class which we taught was very full, which was great. Even 3 investigators made it to the class. After church we tracted then had a meal with a family in the ward. Then, we visited an investigator of ours who is getting closer and closer to baptism. So exciting!

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