Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 16--Never overlook an opportunity and fun with Pentecostals

We went to the church to see if the internet was up yet, but as it turned out, it was still down. We couldn't go to the library either, because it was Memorial Day and it was closed for holidays. We ended up driving to another area to use their church computers to do e-mailing. We met the pleasantly acquainted new Elder in our district, and after we were done e-mailing and were about to get our groceries we got a call from our Mission President. He and his wife wanted to visit us, so we met with them and talked for a while which was nice. Shortly before we quickly went to buy some milk and some bread, but it had just rained and I slipped and fell on the concrete in the entrance and a group of teenagers laughed, and all I did was stood up and said, "that was funny, eh?" After meeting with President and Sister Loveland, we had to rush to a barbecue with some member of the Pentecostal church whom we know. They're a lot of fun and very hospitable people. One of them, we had met there and he's close to our age. he invited us to a Bible study on Friday which sounded like a lot of fun. 

In the morning we met with a member and helped her know what she could do to stop smoking. We have a really good program called the 'Stop Smoking Workshop' and it helps so many people. Basically you follow 17 steps every day for a week, and the success rate is close to 100% for those who do every single step for those 7 days. Then at L-Life we wore our patriotic socks again. We then visited an investigator and committed him to do as he felt prompted, which was to start the Book Of Mormon over again. He said he prayed and that was the answer he got. He has already read it all the way through. We later visited with a recent-convert and helped her with her ride-on mower, switching out a part and then talking about temples and family history. We later went to a meal with our most recent convert and a member and it was great. We later visited another recent convert who has been having a hard time with smoking, and told us that she is going to try again. We're happy for her.

Today we left to district meeting and we have to go much farther than before, because two missionaries left the district and that was the only reason we had district meeting in Lebanon. We talked about how to use the new pamphlets for finding and teaching situations. It helped me, especially in knowing more ways to do finding. After district meeting we went to a place called Colver's and that was very tasty. We also found a new investigator that day. We were tracting and a man pulled up to the house next door and said nobody lives there, so we talked to him instead. His son also came and Elder Czirr talked to the father, I talked to the son, and we managed to pick a time to come back and gave a Book Of Mormon away as well.

After weekly Planning we tried to visit several people which were not available. There are many times when we'll find someone from tracting who's interested, and when we return someone else answers the door, and says that they are both not interested. Oh well, we planted our seeds. While I was driving, I drove down a street that ended up being a dead end. Not only was it a dead end, but it was the same dead end that I went to last time we were where we were. The best part is, that both times Elder Czirr had to get out of the vehicle to back me out because of the missionary rule. This time he said that because he's outside the vehicle and people are staring at him funny again, we might as well talk to the guy outside, so we did. He was interested and we're going to return again to answer some of the questions he had for us. We then had a dinner with a member and after the dinner we visited two investigators that night. The first we met with accepted the invitation to baptism and wanted to wait until his fiancee was also ready (understandable). We then met with another investigator whose progress is much helped by 8 years of fellowshipping. Work does pay off! He feels honoured to be baptized and he picked a date for it. We then helped move a couch into his home that we had recently been given by other missionaries which we loved dearly, but he needed it much more than we did.

This morning we met with a member who is quitting smoking. She has been making big improvements, and we're excited for that. We checked how she is progressing, and how we might help it become easier for her. Afterwards we went and helped a member do some work as a way of returning the favour for coming to help us in the lesson. Later that day we visited those who are in jail and we talked about a lot of good things with them. It was hard for me to hear, but there were great conversation when we could answer their questions and help them. We later went to a bible study with the people we met at the barbecue on Monday.

On Saturday we went and visited a member of the ward and it was a short visit because we had also helped some people get moved into Lebanon. After that visit we had a lunch and then we visited a member family who was having a yard sale, and they let me take home a pair of nice dress shoes, how nice!  We tried meeting with several people then we had a little something to put into our stomachs to help us with the long day before driving in early to Stake Conference with a member. In Conference the topic was how we could build up Zion as families, and the things that were said were really great and so was the music.

The Sunday session of Conference was very nice as well. Very inspiring talks were given especially about the restoration of this Gospel. It was really good hearing from a couple members of the Seventy and what they had to say was great. One was German and sounded like Dieter F. Uchtdorf. They talked about having the Form of godliness but denying the Power thereof as church members especially when it came to us going through the motions and disregarding the power of God from what we're doing. It was really good. After that we went back home and had a lunch, then met with a less-active member of the ward who is making it back to church and he told us of a friend who could benefit from missionary lessons. Then after dinner and in the late evening we met with an investigator who is new to the lessons, but is finding how true they are, and is finding how meaningful it is. He says he's going to be listening to the Book Of Mormon on the app while he does his biking, and he says if this is the truth like we say, then of course he's be baptized.

Love Elder Rodgers

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