Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 15--Two sides of service

There were a few things on Monday to talk about. We had a really good meal with a member family and I didn't leave hungry at all. It was a big dinner and it tasted great. Afterwards we went to family home evening. I usually lose the game of Skip-Bo, and I had told everyone I would win the last Monday of the transfer. So my prophesy was fulfilled. I played my last three cards with zest and won the game with so much grace then I threw the cards at the table and shouted for joy. The funny thing was that I had traded decks with another player before the game began (it's just a game of luck). She always won, so I wanted to try it. Lo and behold, I won the game with her cards. Afterwards we went to the home of some youth we know in hopes to have family Book of Mormon reading. Only one was home though, so we had it with him. Also it turns out I don't have much money which is weird because I don't remember spending it, so I wonder if someone stole it off the car somehow.

We started the morning with L-Life, the typical Tuesday service project, only this day was one of the better ones. My family had sent a Canada t-shirt in the mail, and Elder Czirr bought a USA t-shirt, and USA/eagle socks. He lent me his polar bear socks and we went wearing those. There's a guy who likes to joke around there, and he thought it was pretty funny. Then it started pouring rain. Absolutely pouring. We were persuaded to have a contest of who could keep their head under the gutter the longest, representing our countries. It was pretty fun. {{Canada won!}} We then had a dinner with one of the recent converts in our ward, and it was delicious, we talked for a while then we went to visit another recent convert and have a little lesson with her. At the end of the evening we met with one of our investigators who was in a lot of pain unfortunately.

We had begun our Wednesday as usual, with district meeting. We talked a lot about ordinances and priesthood authority. We went over a talk by Elder Bednar and that was pretty sweet and helpful for describing to investigators the importance of ordinances. After we had district meeting, we went to a barbecue place for lunch. I didn't have more than 4 dollars because like I said, my money was gone, so I didn't plan on ordering. When the waiter asked what we wanted to drink, everyone in the district said water which was funny, but when it got to me I said Root Beer. I'm the rebellious one. Then when he got around to the ordering and I said I was just going to stick with the Root Beer, he said he would cover the cost for the meal. That was really kind, and I thanked him. I didn't get anything big, because he was sacrificing. We then went to give a blessing and some service to a member.

Today we didn't have very many people to teach. The person we usually visit in the morning had to reschedule so we tried to visit someone else. He said he'd have to meet later so we decided to try back later. We went and did some service digging more of that hole we have been digging. The humidity was crazy. We did a drop by at someone's new home, but they said to come back in a week so we planned to. In the evening we had a lovely dinner with a married couple. They made lasagna and what I heard was called Dutch apple pie. Afterwards we went to a Book Of Mormon study group and then visited the guy we tried earlier in the evening. It went well, but it went for a long while. It's cool though, because we haven't seen him in about a month or more.

Friday morning Elder Fletcher, one of the missionaries who left but lives close to the mission, was stopping by different people and we had lunch with him and his parents. That was a lot of fun. Talked about stories and things with them. After that delicious dinner with them, we went to visit the people in the jail. We had some really good discussions there about how to turn it all over to God. We then had a big dinner with Our recent convert who was baptized last Saturday, and many others. We then visited a potential investigator and he's willing to meet with us and learn more! After the dinner we went by a member's home for what was mostly an uplifting visit due to how rough things have been lately. We discussed agency and faith and things like that. It was a good night, and we rested well.

Today we visited one of the members of the ward at the nursing home as usual, and we left afterwards to a service project. That lasted a good 2 hours, and all the mowers we tried took forever to run. It was a jungle out there and it took a while to finish, but it was great. We had a lot of help and we had pizza afterwards. When we finished there we visited other people and had a good dinner, after which we a very enjoyable sleep. 

At church we had a 5th Sunday meeting where we all met together. at the last hour. We talked a ton about the Sabbath day and how to make it a delight. Apparently they've been discussing that a lot lately. That was informative and what not. We had one of our investigators come to church again. it's becoming something really wants to keep doing. We love being there with him. After church we did a lot of visiting, or trying to visit people. A lot of them were busy, it being memorial day weekend and all. After a lot of travelling we had a refreshing meal to end our fast on a good note. We then visited a member of the ward whom we haven't seen in a while, then went home for the night.

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