Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 14--record-breaking weekend and we helped someone be part of it!

So on Monday, we went to knock 3 doors, because that's the only time we had that night. Having decided to go to a very specific area, we were welcomed into the second home we tried. The man was very welcoming and curious about the religion. We gave him a Book Of Mormon and he was quite interested in reading it and agreed with a lot of our beliefs. It was great, and we were late for Family Home Evening, but it was more than worth it. 

Tuesday was a pretty sweet day. We went to the food pantry, and this time it was pouring outside. Lots of rain. But, our job was still the same, to carry boxes of food out to the cars (even across the parking lot) for those who wanted help. It was a great day and I got to try what they call barbecue knots. They're like rolls (buns) with a barbecue taste and they're really good. After we got done there and ate some lunch, we went to meet at a member's home. He likes meeting with us, and loves discussing heaven in good detail. We went to visit another member who was recently baptized and strong as ever, and had a good meal too. I found out that in the US, there are 3 Liter bottles of pop. It's tempting, but I don't want to get hooked like I used to be. After that meal and visit, we went by the home of one of our investigators. he's a real good guy and loves missionaries. We love going there to talk to him. We talked to him about the priesthood, and how he can pray to know if the priesthood used in our church is the only true and restored priesthood. He's received answers in the past, so we extended that invitation. 

We had district meeting today, and that was a great one. We talked about commitments, and how we can give them effectively so that people will build their faith by acting on it. We talked about the fact that we invite, they commit, and then we follow up. Following up is essential, because it lets them know they are accountable and that we do care about their progress. We had some Wendy's and I decided I'm not going to go there much anymore cause the food is soooo greasy. It's yummy, but it's greasy. We then went to an investigators home and had a lesson there with his neighbor, a member. We had the restoration lesson and that went well. I love teaching that lesson to people, because it really lays the foundation of what we believe, and having a knowledge that the restoration happened the way we believe, means that everything else falls into place. Afterwards we had dinner and then headed to a barbecue with some people of different faiths and our investigator, whom we came to visit by his request and to give him the 'Doctrine and Covenants'. We then met with our investigator who is getting baptized on Saturday, how exciting! We then knocked on some doors and went home.

Today was our day of weekly planning among other things. Weekly planning takes us about 3 hours which is the general amount of time. Our first couple times were horrible though, because it took us close to 5 hours, since we were bad at time management. Anyways, after a little bit of that we went to visit a member and we finished the restoration lesson with her. That was especially helpful, since a member was there with us who teaches gospel doctrines class, thus knowing the material well enough made him a great addition to the lesson. We then went home and had some more weekly planning to do. After the planning we went out of town a ways to continue digging up this trench we were digging for an older lady in the ward, the sweetest lady ever. Her son was there too so he helped us. Missouri soil is non-existent. It's only rocks, clay and roots. That was fun, because we used picks to smash and pull up the rocks, and then shoveled it out. We've gone over twice now for 2 hours at a time and we plan to go over once more to finish it this coming week. We then went to dinner with a member, who brought us to a cool place in town with great meatloaf. Afterwards, we went with him to visit a new investigator of ours. We will be there soon again to see what he thought about the Book Of Mormon. 

Today is exciting, because the baptism is coming closer. We went to the church to prepare the programs and that took longer than expected. printing it on paper in such a way was a great task. Anyways, when we were done there we visited a less-active member and talked with them a little. We then had to get going to visit with some of the people whom we visit in the jail. I love going there, because even though it's hard sometimes to hear through the phones they have, we talk about a lot of spiritually significant things that really help out. We then visited another member whom we haven't seen in a while. We had a dinner with a member family which was super good. The cool thing about going places in town to eat, is there's almost always a member working there. After going there we had a visit with a recently converted member. We had a discussion about prayer and how to receive and how to recognize promptings from the Holy Ghost. We read through Doctrine and Covenants 9: 8-9.

We went first thing in the morning to a member's home, and had a lesson with them about the word of wisdom, and following the commandments. It went pretty well, and afterwards, we went to meet with a member at the nursing home as usual. It was great and we were there a lot earlier than usual. Usually we are there while cutting into his lunch time. We then went home and ate our lunch then we began to prepare for the baptism. it takes a lot of time to fill the font for the baptism, and prepare the room and set-up and everything. The baptism itself was really good. Two investigators were able to make it which was great. The hymns sung were 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives' and 'I Need Thee Every Hour'. Throughout the mission there were 36 baptisms that weekend alone. Wow! 19 was the previous record apparently. We then went to the home of a member couple for a great dinner and a lesson and it topped the evening off perfectly. 

We had a few of our investigators to attend church, some less-active member who had not been in a while were there, and it was great. We had amazing classes, and got to tell people that we're staying! We had a good dinner with a great couple in the ward and a member who is visiting for a few months was also there. Had some brots and chatted about music and stuff for a while. A lot of our appointments fell through unfortunately, but it was alright, because we were able to help someone in need which is what matters. We finished the evening by talking with a recent-convert in the ward and then went home and had a well awaited rest.

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