Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 18--People love the missionaries!

We actually had time this Monday to do everything we had to. We had to pay at the library to use the computers there, so we only had 2 hours to e-mail which goes by quickly. We got our groceries, and then a member couple saw us and they had just got back into town, and decided to pay for our groceries out of the kindness of their hearts. After all that we went to the church and I played some piano, practicing, 'Master The Tempest Is Raging'. Just as 6 rolled around, and while tracting, we found a new investigator. After talking with her, we went back to the church for Family Home Evening, and I had my coolest victory yet at Skip-Bo, the only game we ever play there, which I love. A brother in the ward had the choice whether to play his Skip-bo (a wild card) on the 4, or create a new stack by using his skip-bo as a 1. The latter would make it possible for me to win that round, because my last card was a 5. He decided to be kind and played it as a 1, but I had told him I didn't want to win through pity, it didn't matter what he played. He didn't yet know what I meant, but when he played the 1, I then refused to play my 5 (my last card) and I discarded a 9 instead, thus ending my turn. Everyone was shocked. You should have seen their faces. Then, everyone was doing their best to win, but by the time it got back to me, I played my 5 unhindered.

Before we went to the food pantry, we visited a sister in the ward who is having difficulty with smoking. She's making more progress than she realizes. After helping her and reading in the bible, we went to L-Life. We spent a good couple hours there, then we went to see a less-active member of our ward. She was gone, but we talked with her family a bit and got to know them better. After we had lunch, we traveled to stop by an investigator of ours. Meetings aren't very frequent, but we made plans to visit much more frequently with them. We read through the first two chapters of the Book of Mormon with them and talked about it. We later went to visit a family in the ward, and the mother told us that one of her acquaintances was interested in sitting in on a home-teaching lesson. She's getting excited to do missionary work, and she believes that soon her friend will be ready to accept hearing what the missionaries have to say. We then had dinner and afterwards met with a recent convert. We read in Alma 32 with her since that's where she's at. We then tried to see another investigator, but he wasn't home. Instead we talked with his friend for a while.

We left for a zone training this morning, and it was a great one. First Elder Czirr and I were chosen to give an instruction on getting motivated to workout in the morning. Being that it's a rule to workout at 6:30 and that it's the #1 struggle in our zone, that was the topic for our instruction. It went really well. There was a good balance of light chastisement and advice and also humour (can't go without that). The next highlight came from the zone leaders speaking about seizing the moment when it comes to finding people to teach. When we see a person, seizing the opportunity to speak with them. One of the missionaries shared an experience when he saw a lady in the apartment building whom they always see pass by. She was taking out her trash and he decided, "why not help her out?" So they did. He then said that he was eventually informed that she was baptized. Then, one of the zone leaders said to the effect of, "You don't know just how much you did." He then said with tears in his eyes that he was at her sealing 2 weeks ago, and that the other elder's small action of helping with her garbage changed her for eternity. That first elder's jaw was literally dropped, then he went and the two of them shared a big hug, and people were crying. It was a sweet experience. After that training meeting I went on an exchange with the district leader and we visited a few people, and had a lesson with an investigator which was pretty sweet. We also had free ice cream because the manager of Cold Stone loves LDS missionaries for some reason and they have never met the owner.

We got up today, did some exercising and studies, then we met with our companions at the end of our exchange, half-way between our areas. At 3 we went and picked up a love-seat that a member had and that they didn't want anymore. It is very comfy. We had a couch before but we ended up giving it to one of our investigators. After that we went to get our car's tires rotated, and its oil changed. It was much needed. It cost quite a bit, but it was covered by the mission. After this, we had dinner then tried to visit a bunch of people who weren't home. We visited a family in the ward, but only one of them stayed in the room to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with us. It was a good meeting. They also gave us their exercise bike, so working out is going to be much more effective.

This was one of the highlight days of the week. Friday was quite interesting. It started off with eating "cowboy cookies" at a member's home, then that same brother took us to the land that belongs to another one of the members. We were then shown to the chickens he had. We must've butchered twenty of 'em. There's quite a process to it, and it was a wonderful experience. After a couple of hours we finished, went home, cleaned off the blood like Lady Macbeth and had lunch. We then visited a couple people at the county jail. One of the things we talked about was in Paul's epistle to the Romans, regarding patience through tribulations.We did a couple drop-bys, then visited with an investigator who, as it turns out, is having a hard time. We then had dinner, which was followed by some tracting. We proceeded to find a place to park while we decide what to do with our remaining time. We ended up calling an investigator of sorts and talking with him, when a young man drove past us. Once he realized we're missionaries, he turned around so he could say hi to us. He turned out to have slightly investigated our church before. His experiences led him to question us, but he wanted to talk with us because he likes LDS people.

We visited a member this morning and talked with him for a while. We went back home for lunch and some additional planning. Other things we did on Saturday included dropping by several people, or trying anyways, and tracting in a small neighbourhood. We got a contact from tracting, and we're going to visit him on Friday. We then had a lesson with one of our newer investigators We read the first chapter in the Book Of Mormon with him. We also discussed how the Book Of Mormon came to be, and why. Because of time, we decided to meet with him tomorrow to talk about the rest[oration].

In church today we listened to some talks about Father's Day (shocker). The talks were pretty good for the most part, and then in Sunday School we talked about having our minds set upon materialistic things. The topic caused for pretty good discussion. In Elder's Quorum we had a lesson on finding lost sheep and bringing them back. It was very fitting, since the Stake President is trying his best to have missionaries help Ward Council members in identifying a family or individual in their auxiliary whom they love, who is in need of their next priesthood ordinance. They are to do the setting up and fellowshipping, and our job is to teach the 5 missionary lessons to prepare them for those ordinances. After going home for lunch we visited a member of the ward to see how she's improving, then we had a discussion with an investigator about certain beliefs about the Bible. He wanted to know more about what we believe about Heaven and Hell. When we had been gone and had finished dinner, we brought a member who's been here for about a month for work, for an exchange with us to visit an investigator of ours, whose land supervisor doesn't like us coming around very much. Then, we visited an investigator who is progressing towards baptism, and we talked with him about tithing how it's used, and how to pay it.

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