Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 74--Staying put and working hard

Hey everyone!!!

  So I finally have a 6 month area!! Transfers came and I'm staying, I've been in Ava Missouri from March to the present day and will be until September unless my companion decides to go rogue. Haha

   It's been quite a week, and if I had my planner I could tell you what happened, but it's been such a blur I can't even remember. This transfer went by super fast for me and I only have five more... Pretty weird.

  One thing that was awesome was that we took the time once again to pray over the map and choose streets to tract on at certain times. We both came up with three of the same streets. We knocked part of the first street then talked to some of our investigators there. They told us we could go see a certain man named Howie who lives down the street. We hadn't knocked on his door yet. We ended up going there, and it turns out he used to meet with the Sister missionaries a few years back, and he wants to go to church. We invited him to go the next morning and he came with his two kids. They loved church. 

   We went fishing today, and I didn't catch anything better than a few pounds, but I had a good time!

   As we head out to work this week, have us in your prayers!!! We'll have some good things to write about next week I think, so we'll see.

   Stay funky!

Love, Elder Rodgers

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