Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Week 45--Surviving New Year's and exciting changes

News of the week is: I am safe and sounds despite the hard partying I did. When I say hard partying, I mean drinking sparking Grape juice, with a Ten O'Clock Count down.  

We've had some great lessons this week, some that have been much needed. Investigators are really progressing. One, by the name of Jacky is taking the step of baptism this weekend, and he's so prepared, and he just wants to get it done. We've gone through the lessons that he needs and he feels the spirit every time. 

At the end of the week we got the calls to know what's happening here, since the Oklahoma missionaries are coming into Missouri and Arkansas. We will be adding a set of sisters to our ward, 1st ward will get elders, and YSA will get a set of sisters added. It's going from 2 sets of missionaries to 5 sets in Fayetteville. The work here is about to explode.

Love from 
Elder Rodgers

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