Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Week 42--How to cross the ocean

A lot of things have happened this week, but as far as exciting things go, it's a shorter list. We've had a lot of lessons this past week, and people have been committing to baptism. A lot of the people we're teaching have problems they have to overcome, but we're helping them one step at a time. 
The next things is The Zone Conference. On Monday we had Elder Gay of the Seventy come to the Mission and speak to us. It was an amazing conference, and he spoke about the great importance of seeking God's plan to teach and work in the mission instead of our own plans. He referred to the Book of Ether when the brother of Jared knew he had to cross the waters, but was chastened because he didn't ask the Lord how he can do it. We too need to remember when we hit an ocean so to speak, that we must call on the Lord and listen to the spirit for the plan that God has. The spirit is always speaking, Elder Gay said, we just need to listen, and act on it.

I testify that if we pray, search the scriptures, eliminate all distractions and listen to what the spirit is telling us, we can have the answers today.

Elder Rodgers

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