Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 34--A good week and a little football

This was a pretty good week, on Monday I learned how to play football, at least the basics, and played with some members for family home evening. It took me almost the whole time to get the swing of things. What's Adam and Eve's least favourite season? The fall, and as the weather has been cooling down, I have really enjoyed it here. We also got to meet a cool guy who seems pretty prepared to receive the gospel. He has a strong foundation in Jesus Christ and if he's open to continue hearing about the restored gospel, he will see major changes in his life. The last highlight of the week was when we were talking to our ward mission leader about our teaching and as it turns out he knows someone we tracted into quite well, and this person is taking interest, so this could be cool to see.

A note he included to his dad:

One other thing that was pretty cool was while we were on an exchange with our Stake president, President Cluff, he said he knew someone from Alberta by the name of Robert Doig, who was his roommate in school. I was blown away that he knows my principle. I then assured that not every Canadian knows each other, but that this was a rare situation.

Elder Rodgers

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