Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 21--New companion in Lebanon

 I'll rewind to June 27th, a Monday.
    We had great appointments on Monday night with members at each. we taught the restoration to a guy who a family in the ward brought to church randomly. He had so many good questions and sincerely is searching for them.
    On Tuesday we had district meeting because Wednesday we had a temple trip. It was a great meeting and the Assistants were there. We talked about seizing the moment in missionary work, That discussion really helped me be motivated to talk to random people even when it's awkward.
    On Wednesday we got to go to the St. Louis temple!! It was a great time. We got to do whatever we wanted there since there were only missionaries there. We got to do sealings for children to their parents and I had never done that before! It was awesome.
    On Thursday Elder Czirr got really sick and that wasn't very good. Getting sick on a mission is awful because he said he felt so unproductive. Anyways, I had to weekly plan myself, but I'm not complaining. I had all the time in the world to do it.
    I got to go on an exchange on Canada day with the Camdenton Elders. it was a lot of fun. I realized that I know the area really well now, and would be prepared to lead it.
    We had a visit with an investigator that WAS very effective, but he was playing Deadpool in the background which isn't very appropriate. I told him to check out the trailer for the Saratov Approach instead. Maybe next is Meet The Mormons.
    We had a great 4th of July with a Pentecostal family we know well, and had a lovely barbecue with lots of people there. Made some friends with them and ate well.
    We got a new Elder in Lebanon and I'm still here. His name's Elder Hewlett and he's a funny guy. I'll delight you all with a picture.

...or two.

    The latest news is, we found a great couple while tracting. They seem so excited to read the Book Of Mormon, and we're very excited to keep teaching them. We brought our ward missionaries along and it was a great touching lesson where the spirit was felt strongly. 

Love to all!

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