Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 20--Busy, busy!

Elder Rodgers did not send a blog post for the week because of Independence Day in the U.S. He did, however, explain a video we received yesterday:  "I was with the Stake President here and he had us take a video on his phone and he sent it to you guys and also one of Elder Czirr to his family."

Click on the picture that pops up to see the video.

Let's see if this works to get the video on here. But he basically said he's doing well,and they've had a lot of successes lately. They got more contacts when the Assistants to the President were with them and learned a lot and are applying what they learned.

It was great, and unexpected and confusing, to get a video from him. I'm glad to hear it was the stake president's idea!

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