Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 72--The Lord is Preparing People

Elder Ostler decided he would prepare me for the Canadian Winter that awaits me when I return home, by covering me with cotton and turning the AC on full blast. 

   This week we had lots of meeting, and lots of driving. It was a great week, and I'm ready for some miracles. After all the meeting this week, we had a day full of teaching to make up for the days we were sitting down all the time. We have a lot of people who are taking the lessons with us, and there are a couple who should have a date for baptism sometime soon, I'll keep ya'll posted. 

From the mission blog

   There have been some neat experiences this week. I'll share one with you. We were going to see if we could find some people who had been taught by missionaries before, so we went to an apartment complex and parked, and there was someone parked next to us. We said hello, and talked to him for a little, and he said he's baptist, so there are a lot of differences between us. We asked him what he believes, and he said "Jesus Christ" and we said "Us too!" then he asked us to come in and visit with him. We set up a time to come back and teach him about the restoration, and that lesson went super well with him when we came back. When he closed the lesson with a prayer, he made sure to ask that he would know if what we taught him is true, the key part to anyone's conversion is asking in faith.

   Another cool story, we were once again looking for former investigators, when Elder Ostler felt like we should knock on the neighbor's door, we rarely had been doing this. He answered and looked shocked to see us, and said, "Come on in!" 2 for 2! We went in and like before, we invited him to learn about the restoration, we'll be teaching him this week. He had been watching TV and saw something about our church, so when he saw us, he really wanted to talk. We told him that God intended for us to visit with him so that we could share the message we had prepared to teach. He agreed to have us return and he explained that he has family that are members of the church, including his Grandfather who has passed.

From the mission blog

   We also taught the restoration to another guy this past week, he's someone who has known members of the church his whole life and has spent time around them, but somehow was never invited to learn. Now we're here and we taught that lesson. He loved it, his grandmother not so much, but he was willing to accept a Book of Mormon and read it even though his Grandmother wasn't. I'm excited to see how much light comes into their lives as they study and pray about these things.

   I know that the Lord is hastening his work, and whether we are a missionary, a member of the ward, leadership, or anyone in between, the Lord is preparing people in our lives to hear the restored gospel NOW.

Love, Elder Rodgers
Route 6 Box 6470 Apt 15
Ava, MO 65608

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