Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 29--Blessings among the struggles

Greetings, friends and family!

This week was also pretty crazy. Wednesday was probably the wildest of all days. We had an exchange, so I was with Elder Cherrington, and my companion Elder Butler was in our area with Elder Roy. My day was pretty normal but some good experiences. One was while we went tracting. Nobody wanted to see us until the last door. We knocked and a Catholic lady answered. As it turns out she has several friends that are LDS, so she's had really good encounters and thinks it's somewhat of a sign that we knocked on her door.

Elder Butler and Elder Roy didn't have as normal of a day. The good thing was they had lots of lessons. The crazy thing was that in order to get to a lesson later that night they had biked 20 miles altogether. Also, when my bike was returned, it had a broken pedal and someone stole my front light. Someone also tried cutting Elder Butler's U-Lock and his tire went flat and the other got a pin stuck inside so we had to fix that the next day. The biggest thing was that the phone had dropped out of Elder Butler's pocket, so when they went to go look for it it was too dark. Later, we found out that someone had stolen it, because people have tried calling it and the person has picked up a couple times and won't respond to our texts. Meeting with people is hard without a phone or a car, especially difficult, is getting members involved.

That's how our week was, trying to get in contact with people without those things, sometimes biking several miles to just use a phone. It was a good time. We got lots of opportunities to talk to people on the way which is awesome. We have had so many reasons to be thankful for what we have in the past few weeks. I'm much more thankful for my health, the church we are a part of (because of seeing how others do their services), our car, our phone, working with members, etc. We've been humbled pretty good. It's great being a missionary, and I look forward to what next week brings. One of those things being a phone. :)

Love from Elder Rodgers

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