Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 23--Basketball, Pentecostal friends and upcoming baptism

Not a ton of interesting things happened this week, but nonetheless it was a good one.

So, we went back to the military base this week for basketball, but we instead spent 4 hours, which is all we had left of P-Day, because they wanted to check to make sure I was allowed to be there. It was a very long period of time sitting in front of a TV playing the weather channel. We memorized the forecast for the week and saw the same commercials several times and we could have probably quoted them if we wanted to. Ultimately the guy told me it would take that long every time I go there, so I guess we won't be going there to play any ball. We stopped at Taco Bell and they had a TV on the wall. Lo and behold, it was the same weather channel.

On Wednesday we went and had a lunch at the Stake Centre (but unfortunately no steak) and shortly after had our district meetings. Meanwhile, our Mission President, Pres. Loveland was having interviews with each of us. That was a great time, as we got to talk to him about goals and to get suggestions from him on how to improve. It was a really good time.

We went to a dinner with our pentecostal friends, where we talked about the sermon that was given at their Sunday service as a group. That was a good time, and I always enjoy reading from the Bible. I started reading it recently it in hopes of finishing it within a few months. I've read from Matthew through most of Romans, and I'm also halfway through Genesis. A knowledge of the Bible goes a long way in this mission.

On Saturday our investigator who will be baptized soon had his interview, and is well on his way. He has a date for the 30th and has asked me to baptize him, so I'm hoping I do it right. We practiced it and it went real well, on ground, so I think it will go well in the water. Preparing him has been a process because of the commitments people make while preparing for baptism, and the preparation it takes to align one's lifestyle with the way the Lord has asked us to pattern our lives. Anyways, he's excited, and we're excited. Please pray for Mark as he prepares for the waters of baptism!

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Love, Elder Rodgers

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