Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 12--service, teaching and Skyping home

Monday was neat. First I found my USB which I had been looking for all over. It's got my music and my pictures on it. I looked in my Jeans pockets and finally I found it, so that was a relief. Of course, I couldn't remember if they went through the wash so I tested it out and it works! Elder Czirr made two cakes with a box cake recipe. It was funfetti cake and he had bought icing before hand because he's been craving it all week. SO, he finally makes it and we each had a decent size cake dish for ourselves. I cut mine in half horizontally and filled it with icing then covered the top with icing too. That was a ridiculous idea, and I felt so stupid. Every bite felt like my last, because the concentration of sugar felt deadly. I will possibly never eat icing again (well that might not be true). I went to a guitar shop, but all of the guitars I found were way over the amount of money I had. I went looking at a thrift store later and I found the same thing, until I went around the other side. I found a guitar for $29 USD. I had to get it. I tested it out and it played well enough for me, and that was what mattered to me, was how it played. It's a smaller one, but I love it. I as in and out with that guitar and a case in 5 minutes. We then had a lesson with a less-active member and that went well. It was longer than anticipated, but it was great for her. We talked about several things about smoking and other things and we gave the commitment to read Alma 7. 

As with every other Tuesday, we started the day with going to L-Life to carry peoples' food to their cars for them. This time the people who are usually the funny and entertaining ones were there. Last time it was slightly less exciting. That's okay, though. We got to help people and that was satisfying. One of the people who is usually there, he asked me what the best thing from Canada was. I told him Poutine and the word "eh." Afterwards we went to see someone who is usually only available after L-Life, in the afternoon on Tuesdays, but he was about to head to work and he told us that his schedule allowed him to meet Wednesdays and Thursdays now at that time and that he works on Tuesdays at that time now. He reminds me of a bigger version of Christian Kirchner to be honest. We later had a dinner at a member's home after which they drove with us to attempt a visit with some people whose names the Bishop gave to us. Neither of them lived there anymore and neither of their phone numbers were in service anymore. Well afterward though, we went to the trailer of a less-active member whom this member used to home teach. The member we tried to see was at work, but her boyfriend was there, and so we talked with him and we'll try to visit at a time she won't be at work. Towards the end of the night we traveled to a trailer park, where a family lived who had requested a bible. We went and had what could be considered a lesson, except for the fact that it didn't count towards numbers. That's okay, though because those are just used to measure how hard we're working. Anyways, we gave them our number and said not to be afraid to call us if they want to know something or want to attend church, etc.

We had a lesson today with one of our recent converts. Before that, she made delicious BLT sandwiches for us. They were great! We had that and some rice she prepared in a special way and that was amazing. After we stuffed ourselves with rice and a sandwich she gave us some strawberry rhubarb pie! That was divine. It was cold, but it was divine.We tried to meet with Will (the guy we tried to meet with the last couple times) and his car was there, so we knocked on his door. Nobody answered, but I heard someone talking across the street behind me, and I could hear her saying, "Close your door and lock it. They're going door to door." At that point we went to try the next person we had written in our schedule. We went to try one of favorite guys, Mark. he wasn't home, though and we eventually made it to the church to meet with Misty and Roger. Misty is going to be baptized on the 21st (My sister's birthday) and she's so ready. We taught the law of Chastity today and they didn't realize some of the specifics because Roger wasn't taught that the whole lesson in depth. So, they realized that he would to move out before she could be baptized, so they said they'd pray about it. We got a call that night and he said they prayed about it and that he'd pack his bags and move out. They are so dedicated to the baptism date! For supper we had pizza and it was delicious. The loaded crust was so worth it. After dinner we went with a member in our ward to contact a referral we got from other missionaries. the person we visited had just moved so it was us who would continue teaching her. We had a good lesson, and like usual people did some jaw-jacking, but it was good because the member was helping out with suggesting jobs the boyfriend could find.

On Thursday we headed to the recent convert's home (the one we visited yesterday) to do service for her. We put a bunch of fencing for her garden up, and also Elder Czirr had the pleasure of sticking a garden tool into a dead armadillo and throwing it over the fence, because the dogs had been rolling in it and licking it. Naturally, we took a picture of it, but the picture is on the phone, and we'll attempt to take a picture of that picture. On the way back to the house a third thing was needed, as we found one of the heavier trees had fallen until it was about to crush her peach tree. Like a super-hero, I moved one of the heavier parts and threw it, but I couldn't manage to move the main part of the tree that was still stuck in the ground and was even bigger. That altogether took several hours and we also had a lesson for a little while. Afterwards we had lunch and then tried to visit the guy we tried yesterday because he said he'd be home. We came by but his vehicle wasn't there, so we asked someone who had just pulled in, who lives with him, if the guy was home, but we were told he was at work. So, we later tried visiting a couple prospective Elders. The one we did manage to meet was kind of a bummer. He said he had no desire to have anything to do with the church and that he was re-baptized as a baptist. He said he liked it a lot better and that if he believes in Christ he'll be saved. He doesn't think we need to do anything to be saved. He doesn't understand how agency works, and that because we were given agency by God, he or Christ is not gonna force us to be saved. That's not how it works. Anyways it was so obvious that he wasn't happy at all. We tried, but he wasn't willing to do anything at all.After dinner we put our plans into action to introduce Bro. Smith to Ron, our investigator, his neighbor. We started talking a little, and then we saw Ron biking away so we felt stupid for not going right over there to talk to him before he biked off. All was good though, because he came back and we waved to him, then after he stopped inside he came out and joined our conversation on Bro. Smith's porch. He thought he was intruding, but he was the only reason we were there. After he went back to his house, we went inside to talk with Bro. Smith and to have some fridge water. We talked about his Book Of Mormon reading and we read in it with him. It was a great end to the evening.

This morning, we left right after personal study time to go to St. Robert. We went on an exchange with the zone leaders. One of them went with me and the other went with Elder Czirr. We did it that way to cover the several appointments they had scheduled. Before appointments though, we had service projects to do. We first went to a food bank building kind of like L-Life but bigger. we did some unloading, some moving, some shelving, etc. After we finished up there, we went to a member's home and we helped move some big heavy things from his home to different areas. They are going to be moving soon so they wanted those things at more convenient locations. We ended up moving his safe, and that was crazy, because in it he had several kinds of guns, knives, weapons every kind, and what not. That was pretty cool. They had ordered pizza too, so that was awesome. Three Hawaiian pizzas and plenty of garlic sauce!!!!  Then, we had Zone Training. Our zone met together at the church in St. Robert and we had a lot of people talk about different things, I was asked to give a testimony, and then we listened to the Kent Williams story which was amazing! Afterwards Elder Horsely and I went and met with a returning member and that was a good time, and we had a great discussion about following the prophet. The guy asked me if I have any good Canadian jokes, and right on the spot I came up with one, I said, "I know a few, but they're pretty cold." He laughed real hard and then asked If I know any american jokes, but he said they probably aren't too funny, then again right on the spot I said, "I don't know they're pretty BIG in Canada." And again he died. That was fun, I feel like I really broke the ice with him. After we met with him we had a meeting with another returning member and he's handicapped so it was special getting to have a discussion with him about Jonah and the whale. He had a lot of good things to say and he liked calling us home-slice. At the evening time we met with and ate with a family who was quite strange I must say, and also very awkward with how openly they talk. Anyways, that was a unique experience I don't care to give details about. After that we met with a recent convert who is very sweet and strong in her faith, because her family is apparently quite aggressive to the church, and her being the way she is shows a lot about her faith.

Saturday's are decent for sure, and the morning is usually the best part. We got to meet with Bro. Ruble again. The member in the nursing home. It was really funny and I was shocked at the same time, when this old lady everyone calls granny was shouting random things out loud, He turned around and yelled, "Shut-up, Granny!" He did that another time as well so Elder Czirr and I silently and unanimously decided to distract him with heavy conversation every time "Granny" would begin spouting things out because I think it's kind of disruptive and rude to yell at her, lol. After meeting with him and then eating leftover pizza, we drove down to the jail to have our usual lessons there. It's always cool talking to those guys because they really are good people. We talked about different things from conference and how their Book Of Mormon reading is going, etc. Afterwards we met with one of the recent converts of a long time who has been smoking for a long while, who doesn't feel like giving it up. We don't usually address it as much anymore because she has become upset by it in the past more than once as far as I've been informed. We did, however have a good discussion, and the main reason we came over was to have a lesson since she had a rougher week. Her and her son had lost the jobs they had just received. Later we had our dinner and tried to meet with our new investigator, but she was out of town. After her we picked up Bro. Smith and had a lesson with e returning member in the ward. She's been improving so much! she had read her scriptures every day since we had met and she read through a bit of the chapter we gave to her to read. That was refreshing after a long day. At the end of the night we met with a couple whom we had met with a couple weeks earlier and helped talk about the wife's addiction to smoking and also about ways she can improve. This time, though we didn't talk as much about that, but we did still address it.

Sunday was great!! It was Mothers' Day, and I did have to give a talk, so for that reason it was less amazing, but that's all good because it was a really good day. We then had Sunday school and we talked about The scriptures and all the standard works, and it was an emotional discussion for one of our recent converts because of how strong she felt the spirit as she talked about her conversion. That was really sweet to experience. Afterwards something a little crazy and unfortunate happened, someone in the ward got hit by a swinging door as she was walking in the hall. She had to go to the hospital, it looked really bad. Hope that things are getting better for her. After church we visited a less-active couple and that was a decent visit. The guy isn't very talkative so sometimes it's a little more awkward, but luckily his wife talked with us more. After we met with him we got to a member family's home for skyping our mothers! That was super exciting. I got to see my family on the screen. One of the kids at the house was a little crazy as my family will attest, but eventually I had some time where it was just me in on the screen. That was my parents, Craig, Matt, Carlee, and Keiran. Sure was good to see them all after a few months of not seeing them. Now I have to wait until Christmas, though to see them on skype again. That's alright, it's not like I can't e-mail them. After we did that and Elder Czirr Skyped home too, we made it to visit with Mark and we had a good discussion. He really likes the people for the church, but for some reason he doesn't feel like it's where he needs to be. he does however, want to come to church and he says he loves having us over to talk about the gospel.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to e-mail me!
Love Elder Rodgers

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