Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 8--Spiderman, obedience and getting ready to say goodbye

Today was a day full of dropping by the less-active members of Toronto Ward. We went to house after house and nobody was home, in fact, many of them had moved long ago. Luckily while dropping by one of them, we saw someone whom we decided to talk to. we got to talk to him for a small while, but he had to get going so we went on our way. At lunch we ate with another companionship. We ate some good ol perogies. I love those things. We had some kind of cake as well. It was super tasty. No appointments that day, but contacting and drop-bys were our main goals that day. 

Today after studies, we had lunch. We also made brownie mix and baked it in a cupcake pan. They were basically massive two-bite brownies. SO good. Afterwards we went to help a less-active member from YSA to move drywall up several flights of stairs and narrow stairwells. That was a workout and a half. We brought at least 12 pieces up those stairs. We went to the church after and the chinese elders brought at least 20 pork buns, pineapple buns, pigs in a blanket and stuff which they got completely for free. That was great. When we had finished eating there, we went to the station, originally planning to go home to change into proselyting clothes, but we talked with a family we work with on the phone, and decided we'd meet with them that night, since we'd be leaving really soon. On the way we saw spiderman on a long board. We met with them and had a wonderful time, and the kids prayed for us and said they were sad to see us go. It was sweet. We'll miss those visits for sure. That night when we got home, we checked out these garbage bags that were here since we arrived, with clothes of all kinds. It was like christmas! 

Today we had lunch, made drop-bys, and again not a whole lot of success from those, but it sure feels good to clean up/correct the ward list so the next elders don't visit people who have moved and such. We then visited with one of the YSA members. We talked about him and someone else he knows, and how to feel happier. Depression sucks and I don't understan it well, but sometimes it takes action to get over it. A slow but sure process. We later met with one of the member families we meet with and it was great, because we helped increase the mother's desire to do family history and read Book of Mormon stories to her children. The kids are smart, though. They ask a lot of questions and they know a lot about the church. Towards the end of the night we visited with yet another YSA member, a convert, and caught up a little bit. Then when we left, we went to the apartment of the other elders to sleep there, so we could get to the temple really early in the day.

We went to see the temple today!! That was great. Also we went to the distribution center to get a few things and met a family there, and someone there was companions with Elder Gibb's young men's leader way back when. They plan to help the member back into activity. We also saw our mission grandfather/great-grandfather. That was really cool, and he was there getting married. Later in the day we met with our Investigator and went over the word of wisdom with her. She didn't have a problem with it because she lived it mostly already. Eventually we went to the church and we met with a member and helped him, because he struggles with addiction and we're glad to be able to support him.

Saturday: We traveled to the church today to prepare for the ESL Party. Many of the English students came with food and we all had a great time, eating and getting to know the people better. We got a few new people and a few people who hadn't been in a while. It was super good, and after the activity we sang for them and sent them on their way, and we headed to zone council. We saw Spiderman again today on the long board and this time I took a solid video of him. The topics that stood out from that meeting were family history and member work.

Elder Rodgers with Elder Blanscett, Elder Taggart,and Elder Madrigul

Today was a great day! We went to church and so did two of our investigators. I got a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) tie. It's what all the bus and subway drivers wear, and it's all the rave in the mission to get one. We got to say goodbye to some people, we got fed by a Chinese member and that was delicious. Afterwards I got to team up with Toronto Chinese and because of our faith and praying for help, they received two new investigators in like half an hour and previously they had none the whole week. Humility is very important. Elder Gibb did his departure interview and he's leaving so soon.

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