Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 2--Life in Toronto

Toronto is quite...different. It's got charm, it's got bagged milk and it's got crazies all over. The highlight so far was getting on the bus, and this lady hears us talking to the bus driver and yells, "Church? Cult, you're a cult! Did you tell him your prophet is a murderer?" When she came on the bus she was like, "Oh the vultures are here!" Haha it's been great. We've only had two meal appointments but that's alright. One of them was a Filipino family and that was amazing especially because it was their kid's birthday party food. And yes, Elder Durrant and I had some good times at the good ol' MTC. 

The weather here has been silly and ridiculous. I went outside in shorts and a t-shirt to get spare loonies for the washer and everything was cold, I thought I was going to die. 

As I'm out, I've had thoughts of home, but I've always told myself that I'll keep going because what I'm doing is child's play in comparison to the sacrifices made for the church in the past. 
  I was telling my trainer, Elder Gibb about Grandpa Hamon last night and he thought he's pretty cool and so seeing the email, I showed him that story. [Mom shared a story with TJ about Grandpa and Grandma Hamon's mission.] He was a great missionary. It's hard sometimes to talk to people on the bus because it seems awkward but as long as I have faith that everything will work out how it is needed, I don't need to worry. 

Elder Rodgers

Elder Gibb, his trainer, and Elder Rodgers

Canada Toronto Mission new missionaries and trainers 
with President and Sister Clayton (back left).

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